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Stone House Grain supplies us with literal tons (and tons) of high-quality poultry grain for our layers, broilers, and turkeys. We’ve been happily working with them for over a decade!

Mike Yund, Yundwell Pastured Poultry

Stone House Grain sources and grows only the highest quality ingredients and grains, which they use to make nutritional feed that meets our cows and pigs needs.

Harry Mahon, Churchtown Dairy

Stonehouse Grain is the highest quality source of organic and soy free livestock feed, it’s all we would ever give our animals!

Bennett Sippel , Northaven Pastures

Stone House is very accommodating with assisting their customers pick up grain at convenient times as well help in an emergency when you need feed in a tight spot. They make excellent hay and baleage and will deliver it to you at a time you're ready to receive it.

Phil Haynes, Sky High Farm

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To the Hudson Valley Farming Community

Our Pledge of Quality

At Stone House Grain, we are committed to supporting the local agriculture and environmental systems of the Hudson Valley. Our mission is to grow the finest, high-quality organic and soy-free grains that contribute to the vitality of your farms and the well-being of our shared ecosystem.

We farm to connect our beautiful fields with livestock farmers, millers, bakers, and distillers so that we all have the organic grains we need to thrive.  

We understand the challenges you face as farmers and entrepreneurs, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional organic grains and feed. With every seed we plant and every harvest, we celebrate and deepen organic regenerative
farming in the Hudson Valley with a vision of bioregional health for current
and future generations.

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What Makes Our Grains Special?

We're proud to maintain NOFA Certified Organic on select products.

Regenerative Agricultural Practices

We farm using regenerative agriculture practices, securing soil and ecosystem health.

Grown Locally in the Hudson Valley

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying local New York grown grains.

Stone House Grain Grown

Approximately 75% of all the grains used to make our feeds is grown right here at Stone House Farm

About Us

Stone House Farm

Located outside Hudson, NY, we farm 2,000 acres of organically managed pasture, hay, and grains, growing corn, peas, soybeans, wheat, barley, oats, sunflowers, flax, and cover crops in a long term rotation that supports a healthy regenerative ecosystem and local grains economy.

Our on-farm mill cracks and grinds the grains into balanced animal feed rations. We are passionate about producing high-quality, certified organic grains and animal feed.

With a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable agriculture, we strive to provide farmers, distillers, and millers with the grains they need to thrive.

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Pick-Up, Freight Shipping and Local Delivery

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Learn more about our convenient shipping, freight, and pick-up guidelines to ensure a seamless experience when ordering from Stone House Grain. Whether you prefer local delivery, freight shipping, or picking up your order from our farm, we've got you covered. Explore our guidelines for hassle-free service.

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Custom Blends

Discover the power of tailored nutrition with our custom blends. Unleash the full potential of your livestock by creating personalized feed formulations that meet their unique dietary needs. Explore our wide range of customizable options and elevate the health and performance of your animals. Contact us to get started!

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