Most Popular Animal Feeds

Most Popular Animal Feeds

Discover our most popular animal feeds at Stone House Grain, catering to a wide range of livestock needs. Our nutrient-rich formulations are highly sought after by poultry farmers raising chickens and turkeys, as well as cattle, goat, sheep, and hog enthusiasts. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of feeds, including organic and soy-free options. Whether you're seeking optimal nutrition for your feathered friends, robust growth for your ruminants, or healthy development for your hogs, our most popular animal feeds deliver the quality and results you desire. Trust Stone House Grain for exceptional feeds that prioritize the well-being of your animals and align with your organic and soy-free preferences.


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17% Organic Poultry Layer17% Organic Poultry Layer
17% Organic Poultry Layer Sale priceFrom $29.00
21% Organic Poultry Chick Starter21% Organic Poultry Chick Starter
21% Organic Poultry Chick Starter Sale priceFrom $29.00
15% Organic Hog Grower15% Organic Hog Grower
15% Organic Hog Grower Sale priceFrom $24.00
Fertrell Cattle Choice
Fertrell Cattle Choice Sale price$81.00