Certified Organic Products

Certified Organic Products

At Stone House Grain, we are proud to offer a wide range of products that are NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) Certified Organic. Our commitment to organic farming practices ensures that you can trust the quality and integrity of everything we offer.


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17% Organic Poultry Layer17% Organic Poultry Layer
17% Organic Poultry Layer Sale priceFrom $29.00
16% Organic Soy Free Poultry Layer16% Organic Soy Free Poultry Layer
16% Organic Soy Free Poultry Layer Sale priceFrom $32.00
18% Organic Poultry Broiler18% Organic Poultry Broiler
18% Organic Poultry Broiler Sale priceFrom $28.00
21% Organic Poultry Chick Starter21% Organic Poultry Chick Starter
21% Organic Poultry Chick Starter Sale priceFrom $29.00
15% Organic Hog Grower15% Organic Hog Grower
15% Organic Hog Grower Sale priceFrom $24.00
Organic Scratch
Organic Scratch Sale priceFrom $21.00
15% Organic Sheep & Goat Feed15% Organic Sheep & Goat Feed
15% Organic Sheep & Goat Feed Sale priceFrom $23.00
20% Organic Soy-Free Chick Starter20% Organic Soy-Free Chick Starter
20% Organic Soy-Free Chick Starter Sale priceFrom $35.00
17% Organic Soy-Free Poultry Broiler17% Organic Soy-Free Poultry Broiler
28% Organic Turkey Starter Feed28% Organic Turkey Starter Feed
28% Organic Turkey Starter Feed Sale priceFrom $33.00
14.5% Organic Soy Free Hog Grower14.5% Organic Soy Free Hog Grower
14.5% Organic Soy Free Hog Grower Sale priceFrom $29.00
17% Organic Pullet Developer17% Organic Pullet Developer
17% Organic Pullet Developer Sale priceFrom $30.00
Organic Whole Corn
Organic Whole Corn Sale priceFrom $19.00
23% Organic Turkey Grower23% Organic Turkey Grower
23% Organic Turkey Grower Sale priceFrom $31.00
19% Organic Poultry Layer19% Organic Poultry Layer
19% Organic Poultry Layer Sale priceFrom $416.00
Organic Barley
Organic Barley Sale priceFrom $25.00
Organic Kelp Meal
Organic Kelp Meal Sale price$80.00
Organic Cracked Corn
Organic Cracked Corn Sale priceFrom $21.00
Redmond Garlic Salt
Redmond Garlic Salt Sale price$33.00
16% Organic All Stock Feed
16% Organic All Stock Feed Sale priceFrom $25.00
Redmond Trace Mineral Salt
Fertrell Beef Balancer
Fertrell Beef Balancer Sale price$67.00
12.5% Organic Soy-Free Hog Finisher12.5% Organic Soy-Free Hog Finisher
12.5% Organic Soy-Free Hog Finisher Sale priceFrom $371.00
Fertrell Aragonite
Fertrell Aragonite Sale price$28.00