Certified Organic Products

Certified Organic Products

At Stone House Grain, we are proud to offer a wide range of products that are NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) Certified Organic. Our commitment to organic farming practices ensures that you can trust the quality and integrity of everything we offer.


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Fertrell Crustacean Meal
Fertrell Crustacean Meal Sale price$57.00
Fertrell Aragonite
Fertrell Aragonite Sale price$28.00
Organic Wheat
Organic Wheat Sale price$553.00
Sold out
Organic Sunflower SeedsOrganic Sunflower Seeds
Organic Sunflower Seeds Sale price$20.00
Organic Roasted Soybeans
Organic Roasted Soybeans Sale priceFrom $487.50
Organic Oats
Organic Oats Sale priceFrom $329.00
Sold out
Organic Hay - Small Bales
Organic Hay - Small Bales Sale price$10.00
Organic Yellow Peas
Organic Yellow Peas Sale priceFrom $500.00
Organic Food Grade Hard Red Wheat
Organic Food Grade Hard Red Wheat Sale priceFrom $329.00
Organic Fishmeal
Organic Fishmeal Sale price$79.00
Fertrell Grazier's Choice
Fertrell Grazier's Choice Sale price$71.00
Fertrell Dairy Nutri-Balancer #3
Fertrell Dairy Nutri-Balancer #2
Fertrell Cattle Choice
Fertrell Cattle Choice Sale price$81.00
Organic Alfalfa Meal
Organic Alfalfa Meal Sale price$51.00
Sold out
Crystal Creek Sheep Mineral
Crystal Creek Poultry-Pro Mineral Plus