Fertrell Dairy Nutri-Balancer #3

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Fertrell Dairy Nutri-Balancer #3 is a nutrient-rich blend for balance of rations with mostly corn silage and some legumes. Contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium oxide, shell flour, organic dehydrated alfalfa meal, organic kelp meal, potassium sulfate, and much more. 

Fertrell Dairy Nutri-Balancer #3 will not only meet the protein requirements of your livestock; it also serves as a complete mineral supplement for better utilization of forages by all classes of cattle and dairy cows. It also helps maintain muscle growth in newborn calves.

For ease of use, feed Fertrell Dairy No.3 in addition to grain, protein and forages at the rate of 50 lbs per ton.

Units: 50 lb Bag

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