Redmond Trace Mineral Salt

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Homesteaders and livestock farmers rejoice! Stone House Grain has the answer for all of your nutrition needs with Redmond Trace Mineral Salt. This 50 lb. bag of natural sea salt is packed with naturally occurring trace minerals like zinc, manganese, copper, and iodine—essential elements that can nourish your livestock in a balanced way. Whether you choose to give your animals free choice access to this nutritious product or incorporate it into their balanced ration, their health will quickly benefit from the nutritional power present in Redmond Trace Mineral Salt. Plus, not only is this top-of-the-line mineral salt perfect for poultry, cattle, sheep, goats and swine; it can even be used as part of a foliar spray soil application to create conditions for healthy growth on your farm! Making the right choices when it comes to feeding and sustaining your livestock doesn’t need to sweat you anymore… Stone House Grain is here to help with all of your worries! Get Redmond Trace Mineral Salt today for all of your animal feed needs.

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